Rice is Nice

January 18, 2011


In the 13 years since Mr Crohn moved in I’ve noticed through trial and error that certain foods anger him greatly, and others slip by like a SBD in gym-class. So today I wanna talk about rice.

Let’s face it – Angry Crohn’s has a lot to do with what you eat. Having been on just about every medication out there including the snip snip sew sew kind I began to examine the food and drink that was angering the part of my body that handles food and drink. After awhile it became clear that if I really wanted to find what was causin’ the barfight in my bowels I’d have to Swazye-up and find the troublemakers muh-self.

And one that always played nice, was rice.

The majority of the meals I eat are relatively simple and I almost always cook for myself (which is the only way I can ensure I’m not eating monodilitheyiumpsudomagneziate, which is an flavor additive I just made up.) Over years of making simple meals in small kitchens, It soon became clear that rice never caused me to flare (and I’m not saying that this would happen to you, but in a life as pattern-dependant as ours it’s always good to take a note of what doesn’t snag).

And so I began to eat rice with most every meal. It’s perfect for meal volume, andd if cooked properly will seldom weigh you down with that “just ate an anvil” feeling. As a whole I’ve found rice to be very agreeable to my body, in fact it’s one of the only foods that my cousin (who has Crohn’s and some wicked food-allergies) can eat with little difficulty. Yes, rice goes in peacefully and goes out the same way – in the minefield that is the supermarket a little certainty is always nice.

So if you don’t have any known allergies to rice or rice-based products I’d advise you to explore the myriad products derived from our simple-grain little friend. I’m talking rice-milk (tastes like vanilla and doesn’t spoil), rice-pasta (you can go abbondanza! without filling you abdomina!) and rice-proper (which can be added to just about any protein without overpowering it). I’m more partial to the white-rices, but multiple grains are always nice too. Oh and never fried. Fried makes the Crohn unhappy.

So cook some rice and see what happens.
 Six quadtrillion Asians with no Crohn’s can’t be wrong.

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