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October 21, 2010

My inner peace is as fragile as my data, and after a month and a half of continual uploading, my data, is now preserved. I recently signed up for online backup, and now that my TB of memories have almost finished uploading forever, I am finally peaceful.

This was not always the case.

I got my first digital camera in early 2000 and since then have taken over 120,000 photos of my life and times. As my father before me, I am a photographer – my obsession not with the shot but with the moment. My photos are, for me, a record of my time, and if I lost them I don’t know what I’d do.

Which is why the Love Bug Virus freaked me out so much.

Sitting in my college dorm in May 2000, I remember watching a CNN report about a killer virus moments before opening it myself. I got an email that said “I Love You!” and I thought “Someone loves me?!” and opened it immediaetly. My hard-drive lit up and I could tell something wasn’t right. Moments later my screen went black and instantly a year of writing, memories, photos and crap had dissapeared like disco. And i’ve never been the same since. The idea that the very record of my existence could vanish forever shocked because I’m all about the ones and zeroes and am way too trusting for my own good

When people mention the “Big One” two immediate images terrify me always. My apartment lighting on fire and burning my blankie, and my apartment collapsing and crushing my computers. Each image represents the loss of something sacred to me, and before uploading my data online, I couldn’t tell you which one worried me more. I’d live in mortal fear of either of these, my heart-rate quickening at the mention. But now that my data is backed up online I have much more time to focus on my blankie, which is the only thing I’d want when looking through my photos anyway.

So if you haven’t backed-up your life on-line I highly recommend it. Im not going to plug one specific brand, but google “Online Backup” and make up your own mind. You shouldn’t have to pay more than $5 a month for unlimited backups, and once completed you will feel coated in kevlar.

The Borg had some really good ideas after all…

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